Monday, 8 August 2011

The Beginning of Girl at the Piano

Thanks to Crafty Princess and Mrs Dibble, I have decided to start my own blog.  Unfortunately I am not anywhere near as talented or craft orientated as the above two mentioned but I will endeavour to publish photos  of my cross stitch as I create it.  This cross stitch was inspired by my very own piano teacher Miss Joy King who taught me piano from the age of 10 until about 21.  Joy was always great at craft and was forever doing a new tapestry, one being of the "girl at the piano".  I always loved seeing it in a beautiful antique looking  frame above the grand piano.  So when I finish mine in about 30 years, I hope I have an artwork as beautiful as Joys.   Oh well, not sure if I know what I'm doing but will attempt to import the first couple of photos taken.  This is already after about 40 hours of cross stitching.


  1. It's perfect Nene. I'm so proud of you. I'm so glad you started this blog now I can follow your progress on your chart and give you encouragement. You will notice that you have done alot more than you thought once you see all the progress pics. Congratulations lovie. xoxo

  2. Thanks my little craft always give encouragement and I know I wouldn't have started this cross stitch with out you, especially since you found it for me after my research couldn't locate it. xxx