Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Little Progress to Show

Well hello there followers,  its been over a month since my last entry and I'm afraid I have not progressed much further.  However I thought it would be ashame not to show the few extra squares I have stitched.  I am really enjoying it and hope to have my second page completed within the next few weeks or so, wooo hooo.  The parking thingy is working excellently and is saving me lots of time.

I have to thank the Crafty Princess for her wonderful assistance in updating my blog and showing me how picassa web photos work.  Yeeeeh now all I have to do is try and add the photo and see how it uploads.    Here goes....  Well so far so good but I did think the photo would have appeared after my "here goes" line...  Anyway followers, you get the is my latest photo. 

Take care all and until my next entry, happy stitching.   xxx