Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Second Page Complete

Hello followers,  it is sooo nice actually saying followers now I actually have 15 of you.  Thankyou so much for checking out my progress and leaving me such encouraging comments.  Crafty Princess has done well to get me some followers so I owe it to her to atleast update my blog.  I must admit I didn't realise it would be so involved.  I think it takes me an average of 3 hours to complete one block of 100 stitches.  I'm not sure if that is really slow but the way my calculations work, I'm thinking I may need to live to 125 years to complete this Golden Kite piece.  I do love it though and can't wait til I can actually see signs of a girl or the piano, which hopefully will be only a year or two down the track (ha ha).  Anyway here goes, will try and upload my photo (without the assistance of Crafty Princess !!!!). 

Yeeeeh I must say I downloaded it without too many dramas.  Hope you guys can see the progress...Until next time, take care and thanks for following.


  1. Great update! It's looking awesome. :D Love the colors.

  2. Hey Nenie,
    It won't take you that long lovie, I saw your progress last night and you've done alot more of the green bits of the curtain since this post. Don't worry about the finished piece just enjoy the journey. And look at you with 15 followers, kicking butt and taking names - nice work!

  3. Thanks Joysze for looking and commenting...really appreciate it. I really haven't done that much more since this photo Crafty Princess, I think that third eye of yours must be partially blocked, keep drinking that Fiji water. But hopefully this time next month I will have even a bigger picture to post xxx

  4. Ooo ooo another page Nene......found a website the other day...you know the way you do....one thing leads to another thing and to another and another.....ad infinitum....anyway upshot being I found this site called I hasza Hotdog....funny dog pics with captions - went through several bit of Kleenex - tears were rolling down my face....but what really made me cry was the video collection of dogs greeting their soldier owners who have come back from Iraq or Afghanistan (whatever your political views - if you love dogs you will love this !!!) there is also a cat version called lolcats....have a look - keep you occupied for hours.....happy stitching Mrs D

  5. Hey Mrs Dibble, I know exactly the video clip you're talking about with the soldiers coming back and their gorgeous dogs greeting them. I've seen it before..it does bring a teer to the eye. Dogs are just sooooo loyal and precious. I couldn't live without our gorgeous babies. And yep another page done..woo hoo. Was hoping to complete one page a month but I don't think its going to happen...almost half way through the next page xxx