Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dogs Leave Paw Prints - Completed Cross Stitch

Completed Quick Kit 


Hello all,  its been a while since my last entry....slack I know.  Good news is I have completed a little Lizzie Kate Quickit  "Dogs Leave Paw Prints"...it was a gift given to me by Mrs Dibble (thanks very much lovie).  I really enjoyed doing a 14 count cross stitch for a change, a lot easier to see.  Even though I have recently acquired glasses, I find it hard doing the 18 count Girls at the Piano.  However I plan on getting back into that once I finish my cute Kitty cross stitch I bought at the craft show a few months ago.  I love the aida cloth with the paw prints that I bought from "the boys" from Sewitall at the last craft show.  The dog cross stitch looks really cute.  I'm about to buy some frames from Seweitall and hang up my cute little cross stitch.  Anyway as I said, its been a while and I apologise for not writing sooner, but with nothing to show it wasn't really worth writing!!!  Hopefully things are going to be completed by the end of the year,  I would hate to get up to 210 cross stitches in my stash waiting to do..not like others - Crafty Princess (not that I'm mentioning any names of course) xxx  Thanks for reading all, and have a lovely week.  Until the next entry....


  1. OMG Nenie!!! Nothing from you in months then 2 blog posts in 1 day!! Happy combined birthday to April and Tito. That cake looks much much better than the cakes you bring for us at work on our birthdays but that's to be expected from your lil Nenie.

    I'm so proud of you for finishing the paws cross stitch. What a great idea it was for you to buy the paws fabby from the boys. It looks so cute just like the stitcher...looking forward to more progress on the girls and the pussies!!

    Thanx for the name drop re stash addict!!! Anyway you got it wrong it's 211 neena neena needa xox

  2. Yes it was pretty good doing the 2 blogs in one go...as for the cake lovie, man I wish I had just done my packet mix..I paid $30 for that cake and though it looked nice, it tasted stale as... the dogs didn't even enjoy it!!!! Anyway thanks for looking, have a great day and get on with your 211 stashes...

  3. Congrats on a sweet finish. And 200+ items in stash, I just can't understand that at all....

  4. Thanks Jo who can*&*^&((*^^. Have a good one.